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Bettina Munk
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Bettina Munk

Bettina Munk, born in 1960, studied art in Berlin and London. Bettina Munk's works with a wide variety of media are based on concepts of probability and participation. Her expansive installations can only be experienced one after the other as one walks through them; her installations in light and dark show situations of upheaval. Her series of drawings, in conjunction with computer animations, are based on the principle of chance in the tradition of John Cage's Chance Operations.
After her first installations in situ in places far removed from art in Berlin, in the Tiefbunker under Stresemannstra├če and in the basement of a goods shed at the former G├Ârlitzer Bahnhof, she received a scholarship at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York. Her installations from the New York period have been shown at Goethe-Haus New York and KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin.
Since 2011, Munk also runs the website Lines Fiction, where international artists gather with their drawings & animations. In 2020 she published the novel Aufprall with Carl Hanser Verlag, which she wrote collectively with the author Karin Wieland and the sociologist Heinz Bude.