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Christian Pfannenschmidt
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Christian Pfannenschmidt

Christian Pfannenschmidt, born in Hamburg, writes screenplays and novels. He attended the Henri Nannen School, was a reporter at ZEIT magazine and deputy editor-in-chief at the women's magazine VIVA.
His TV series Girlfriends comprised 112 episodes and ran in more than a dozen countries. At the same time, Fünf Sterne für Marie, his first of five bestsellers, was published by Rowohlt.
Films such as Joseph Vilsmaier's Marlene, the drama Willkommen Zuhause about a traumatized soldier, and Mandy will ans Meer, a story about child poverty in Germany, have won international awards.
Pfannenschmidt has written light novels such as Die Träumerin (Knaur) and Der Seerosenteich (Wunderlich), which was filmed as a two-parter for ARD and is published by dotbooks under the title Die Villa am Seerosenteich.
The author is married and lives in Cologne.