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Kerstin Höckel
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Kerstin Höckel

Kerstin Höckel was born in Saarbrücken in 1972. She studied acting at the Berlin University of the Arts, won the solo prize of the acting schools and acted for three years on theater stages and in front of the camera. At the turn of the millennium, she begins writing prose and making independent films. Höckel's first short films are digital experiments that she produces herself with fellow filmmakers. Soon she is also hired as a writer and director for other projects. Her ZDF children's film ballad Der Zauberlehrling wins the audience award at the Berlin Poetry Film Festival.
Meanwhile, she also develops scripts for TV movies and writes episodes for various series and serials. Höckel's first novel Schalom Schwesterherz is published by Piper Verlag. Three further novels are published by Fischer Verlag.
In 2015, Kerstin Höckel founds the film production company GEIST & BLITZE. The following year, she wins numerous international awards with her modern interpretation of Schiller's ballad Die Bürgschaft as a refugee drama.
She lives with her son alternately in Berlin and in the forest.