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Marie-Alice Schultz
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Marie-Alice Schultz

Marie-Alice Schultz, born 1980 in Hamburg, studied theater studies and German language and literature in Berlin as well as visual arts in Vienna. Since 2010 she has been working at the interface between performance and literature.
She was co-editor of the literary magazine tau. With dancer Ga√ętane Douin, she researches buildings in Hamburg that are threatened with demolition. So far, her novels Mikadow√§lder (Rowohlt, 2019) and Der halbe Apfel (FVA, 2022) have been published. As part of the production Neue ungehaltene Reden ungehaltener Frauen, her text contribution Faustdick. Rede an meine Hand could be seen at the Berliner Ensemble in March 2022.