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Markus Ostermair
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Markus Ostermair

Markus Ostermair, born in 1981, lives in Munich, where he studied German and English and works as a freelance writer, copywriter and translator from English. His involvement with the subject of homelessness began as a community service volunteer at the Munich railroad station mission.
In his debut novel Der Sandler he describes the everyday life of homeless people with a large panorama of characters. The novel was published in September 2020 by Osburg Verlag, Hamburg, and was awarded the Tukan Prize of the City of Munich in the same year. In October 2021, he was also awarded the Bayerische Kunstf├Ârderpreis in the literature category and the Gregor Gog-Literaturpreis by the Landesarmutskonferenz Baden-W├╝rttemberg (initiative of - former - homeless people).